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WARNING: Wearing this shirt could cause your small business to skyrocket.

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WARNING: When you wear your monthly t-shirt you may become UNSTOPPABLE in your business! They are basically superhero capes for small business owners!

To become unstoppable and scale your business, there are a few things you have to STOP doing. Wearing your monthly t-shirt could give you the courage to:

  • Stop worrying what people think of you.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others on the internet.
  • Stop staying stuck in your comfort zone.
  • Stop trying to be like everybody else.
  • Stop apologizing for being who you are.
  • Stop playing small.
  • Stop trying to fit in.
  • Stop waiting for things to be perfect to start. 
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The term "small business" doesn't do it justice. There is nothing small about dedicating every ounce of energy to making your dream come true. 


If you don't want your business to stay SMALL, you have to quit playing SMALL. WARNING: When you wear your monthly shirt you might suddenly gain the confidence to:

  • Show up Authentically and Unapologetically 
  • Get out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Chase your goals and dreams
  • Embrace the qualities that set you apart
  • Use your fear to do the thing that scares you
  • Keep going when you want to quit
  • Do what sets your soul on fire 
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“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” – Henry Ford

WARNING: Wearing our monthly t-shirts could help you overcome your limiting beliefs and start BELIEVING IN YOURSELF

  • I'm too old
  • It's too late
  • I'm not smart enough
  • I'm not good enough
  • I'm not one of the lucky ones
  • I'm not cut out for this
  • I'm not ready

These are all lies that you are telling yourself because of fear and they have to be squashed to reach your full potential.

Join the Small Business Moms T-Shirt Club

Being a mom and a business owner is so wild because you really just wake up every day and do the damn thing. Regardless of how you feel. You just do it and that's super impressive. I'm proud of us! 

No one supports a small business owner more than another small business owner!

  • All of our t-shirts are made by another small business mom local to me. Our shirts are designed and printed by Jessica Norman, a small business mom and owner of Missouri Shirt Company. 

When you sign up for the monthly t-shirt club, you are supporting two small business moms and two small business families. 

Join the T-Shirt Club

Wear Your Shirt and Share Your Business

Don't cancel your business just because people you know don't support you. The world is full of strangers who are rooting you on. The Small Business Moms community is here to support you, lift you up, cheer you on, and celebrate your wins! WEAR YOUR MONTHLY SHIRT AND SHARE YOUR BUSINESS in our private Facebook group with over 22,000 women in it. You can also share your shirt by tagging us @smallbusinessmoms. 

Small Business Moms Facebook Group

The Goal = to make an income while making an impact.  

  • Wear your monthly shirt to Go Live on social media
  • Wear your monthly shirt to networking events
  • Wear your monthly shirt to shoot your content 
  • Wear your monthly shirt to spread inspiration to your customers and audience
  • Wear your monthly shirt on your Zoom Calls or Webinars
  • Wear your monthly shirt to your shop or brick and mortar 
  • Use your monthly shirt to do a giveaway to get new followers or email subscribers for your business
  • Gift your monthly t-shirt to another small business mom to show them that you support them
Join the Small Business Moms T-Shirt Club

Dear Small Business Owners,

All the late nights and early mornings and missed parties/events will pay off soon. All the setbacks, all the highs and the lows and the good and the bad will be worth it.

Don't let the hard days win. 


Thank You for supporting our mom's small business! 

We are officially a part of the Small Business Moms team so we can learn about responsibility, money management, hard work and the importance of shopping small and local. 

My mom's t-shirt business is really a family business.

We fold them, package them, and ship them from our our kitchen table

Behind every small business is a family. 

Thank you for your support,

Nolan and Nash

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Our t-shirts might not change the world, but the women who wear them will!

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